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Environmental Issues From the Roof Top

The grease produced from commercial kitchen and restaurant cooking areas travels up the ductwork (although a large portion of it is caught in the hood filters), pulled up to the roof by the exhaust fan- the grease then runs into a greasetrap¬† installed next to the exhaust fan, but a lot of the grease ends […]

What is this nasty stuff?

Grease Wastewater

This is the grease and chemical wastewater that’s produced from ONE cleaning of ONE commercial kitchens’ and/or restaurant’s hood filters. This grease, and the chemicals used, will end up in area creeks, rivers, streams or lakes IF the hood filters are cleaned outside, as is a common practice, each and every time every restaurant or […]

Environmental Damage Caused by Outdoor Hood Filter Cleaning

environmental concerns

Our A1 Filter Box Clean & Capture System will eliminate this environmental damage and is one of the main reasons our Filter Box was created. Just as important, saving restaurants and commercial kitchens time, money, hassle and headaches is another. We believe our A1 Filter Box will change current industry practices. The easier it is […]