Roof/Gutter Unit For Exhaust Fan Hood Cleaning & Roof Work


  • Makes regular roof exhaust fan cleaning much easier than traditional methods
  • Captures all grease and chemical waste for safe disposal
  • Eliminates waste runoff, which can damage building structure and pollute waterways
  • Envionmentally-safe at every stage of the process
  • Built for repeated usage with quick assembly and removal
  • Code-compliant design

Kitchen hood cleaning requirements dictate that exhaust fans on the roof must also be cleaned. The Gutter Box version of the A1 Filter Box is made of galvanized metal and consists of two pieces-the Gutter Box and Sink Filter Box, plus a rubber sleeve and clamps. It makes the process of capturing the grease-laden wastewater from the roof extremely easy, reducing the risk of run-off pollution. The Gutter Box rubber sleeve easily clamps onto the downspout below and the waste is directed to it from the rooftop. The grease and wastewater are captured in the Gutter Box, connected to the downspout with the rubber sleeve, sitting on the ground, and then is pumped into the secondary filtration box in the sink. This process captures and filters the waste, allowing for clean exhaust fans and clean parking lots, all with no harm to the environment. The Gutter Box will allow hood cleaners to conveniently complete their exhaust fan cleaning in a code-compliant manner, with an added benefit of a happier customer.