What is the a1 filter box

Innovative New Method for cleaning and Maintenance of Your Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Hood Filters

A1 Filter Box is a revolutionary product that cleans restaurantand commercial hood filters correctly, without environmental damage.The A1 Filter Box saves time and money by reducing labor costs and increasing your filter life.  It eliminates risks and potential fines, regulatory violations, insurance claims and public health problems.  Lastly, A1 Filter Box will improve the quality of your restaurant or commercial kitchen by providing better air quality, thereby increasing your customer traffic and increasing your revenue.

You are required to clean your restaurant hoods and hood filters.

So, clean them the right way.

A One-time Purchase of The A1 Filter Box Clean & Capture System will:

  • Reduce- Grease Output in Grease Traps, Plumbing Pipes and Sewer Lines
  • Improve- Hood Filter Function; Reducing Smoke, Lowering Heating & A/C costs
  • Increase- The Life of Your Hood Filters
  • Eliminate- Dishwasher Cleaning of Hood Filters & Messy Hand Scrubbing
  • Prevent- Environmental Pollution
  • Decrease- Your Grease Fire Risk by Implementing the simple A1 Filter Box system for your hood filter cleaning needs in between professional hood cleanings
Watch video below that illustrates how A1 Filter Box Solves Common Problems for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens – AND Prevents Environmental Damage.

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The A1 Filter Box is designed to fit all standard sized filters, reducing movement during cleaning and allowing deep cleaning of restaurant equipment. 
The hood filter cleaning box comes in several models depending on your space and requirements, in a simple stainless-steel design.
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