The A1 Filter Box was invented by the team at A-1 Power Steamers, with the goal of reducing the impact that the restaurant industry has on the environment. A-1 Power Steamers, our professional hood cleaning company founded almost two decades ago, invented the product in response to a direct need for a better, more sustainable way to clean commercial hoods and hood filters.

A1 Companies are a family-owned and operated brand with an avid passion for protecting and enjoying the outdoors.

Reducing the grease and cleaning chemical pollution that makes its way into our waterways is our highest priority.

We care deeply about the impact these issues have on both our customers’ businesses and to the environment. So, we designed the A1 Filter Box Clean & Capture System — a comprehensive solution to this industry-wide problem. Just as important, our product is helping to greatly reduce the damage to and pollution of our waterways and our wildlife.

We truly believe the A1 Filter Box clean and capture system will revolutionize the industry by providing restaurants and commercial kitchens their first viable option to properly clean hood filters and kitchen equipment. Designed for simple integration into any working kitchen, the A1 Filter Box is a beautifully crafted and essential component for any restaurant wanting to reduce their environmental footprint.

Les Gentry

A1 Filter Box Owner/Intventor

sherry gentry owner inventor of a1 filter box

Sherry Gentry

A1 Filter Box Owner/Inventor

About A-1 Power Steamers

A-1 Power Steamers is a family-owned and operated company that was started in 2000 based upon a strong foundation in restaurant and commercial kitchen hood cleaning. Run by husband and wife duo, Les and Sherry Gentry, and driven by a strong passion for the environment around us, the company developed the A1 Filter Box Clean & Capture system so restaurants and commercial kitchens can properly perform the essential regular deep cleaning of their own commercial hood filters.

We seek to revolutionize the methods of kitchen cleaning in order to produce a better, healthier world. Les and Sherry are both avid outdoors people who are extremely passionate about the environment. In their years of business, they have seen firsthand the effects of improper hood filter cleaning in the world around us. With a keen interest in shifting this paradigm, they have used their combined expertise in the industry to create the ultimate solution for restaurants and commercial kitchens all over the world, the A1 Filter Box.

We’re passionate about providing education for the general public, as well as various agencies and the entire restaurant industry, on the impact that grease pollution is having. Our goal is to increase awareness while providing the most robust solution for the problem.

The A1 Filter Box was designed in response to the need for a more efficient, NFPA Code 96-compliant system for removing kitchen grease waste. This patent-pending system is simplistic in design, yet thorough in containing and filtering the grease and cleaning chemicals waste captured by hood filters. Built with hard work and dedication, our team truly believes that the A1 Filter Box system will change the world for the better.

Our system allows for in-place cleaning without the need for third party assistance, making the A1 Filter Box the most comprehensive deep cleaning solution for any commercial kitchen or restaurant. The safe, compact design accommodates any filter type for extra convenience. Do your part for the environment and see how the A1 Filter Box system can transform the way your kitchen works.

Professional Cleaning Services

The A-1 Power Steamers service is not limited to the hood and filter cleaning for customers in Missouri. Our full-service hood cleaning crews look at each of our customers’ kitchens as a complete working system. We inspect each component, from the roof and rooftop exhaust fan to the entire kitchen, including outside areas, reporting or addressing any issues needing attention. The extra services and details we give to our customers’ kitchens is greatly appreciated in an industry that has a reputation for limited janitorial services only.

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