Environmental Issues

At A-1 Power Steamers, we witness firsthand the issues our customers struggle with in keeping their kitchens, the life blood of their business, operating smoothly, cleanly and safely. Very often traditional cleaning methods turn grease and cleaning chemical waste into environmental problems.

Damages to Rivers, Streams and Lakes

This is environmental damage from one restaurant. But you can multiply this environmental damage from restaurantimpact by millions since outdoor filter cleaning is likely the most common method. The grease pollution is very evident. But what is not visible is residue from toxic cleaning chemicals that came in with it.

We care deeply about the impact these issues have on both our customers’ businesses and to the environment. So we took the initiative to come up with a better solution. That’s why A-1 Power Steamers designed the A1 Filter Box Clean & Capture System. It is a comprehensive solution to this industry-wide problem. Just as important, A1 Filter Box will help to greatly reduce the damage to and pollution of our waterways and our wildlife.

environmental damage caused by improper cleaning of hood filtersDamage Caused by Improper Hood Filter Cleaning

Hosing restaurant hood filters down outside to clean them is a huge problem.

Each weekly cleaning dumps pounds of filter grease and gallons of chemical wastewater into storm drains and waterways. Until A1 Filter Box restaurants and commercial kitchens didn’t have a viable alternative for cleaning filters.

Hood cleaners, employees and anyone cleaning filters outside should be containing and capturing the grease and waste water.  Commercial kitchens are ultimately responsible for all their own fats, oils and grease (FOG) — regardless of who is cleaning the hood filters or equipment.  Don’t open yourself up to the potential of hassles, fines, or expensive grease trap or sewer line repairs.

The pictures below are evidence that hood filters have been improperly cleaned outside.

Blue lines on walls are one indication; Black grease and grime on freshly-poured concrete behind a new restaurant is another.

These are all-too-common problems.

They can all be remedied with a clean and capture system – A1 Filter Box.

Blue lines
environmental damage from improper filter cleaning
environmental damage from improper cleaning of restaurant hood filter